Laravolt: Web Sistem Informasi 2 Minggu Jadi

Laravolt Library Brief

Laravolt is a set of libraries that can accelerate the development of a typical information system, especially on admin panel creation. Laravolt is highly modular, built on modern principles, extendable and easy to configure.

1 Core

1.1 Authentication

Login, logout, registration (manual or via social media), forgot password, account activation. All is available, utilizing the proven Laravel built-in authentication feature along with some modifications.

1.1.1 laravolt/auth

Laravel authentication with some additional features:

  • Activation
  • Forgot/reset password
  • Enable/disable registration
  • Captcha
  • Custom email template
  • Social login (facebook, google, twitter, github, etc)
  • Functionally tested

1.2 User & Role Management

The user handling features are complete and easy to modify, including user profile settings.

1.2.1 laravolt/acl

Simple Access Control List (ACL) management for Laravel

1.2.2 laravolt/epicentrum

Epic Central User Management for Laravel

1.3 Password Management

A more secure and sophisticated password setting ensures the user remains secure during the application.

1.3.1 laravolt/password

Laravel password extended Features

  • Create a random password with various methods
  • Admin can change password and send new password via email
  • Admin can ask user to reset password
  • Force user to change their password after defined period password creation method can be selected as needed

  • Secure
    • More secure, suitable to be shared via email or other media that is not easily lost. Example: Akjd986&788*#dkD7
  • Easy
    • Easy and pronounced, perfect for mass-password creation and shared verbally. Example: veruzavo, hanacaraka

1.4 Application Settings

Admin can set the application configuration via web page, without having to change the configuration file directly. If an error occurs, then “Reset To Default” can still be done.

1.5 Audit Trail & Log Activity

Note each user action and data changes that occur. When something goes wrong, you quickly know who the culprit is.


1.5.1 laravolt/trail

Revision history for any Eloquent object

1.5.2 laravolt/hologram

Log activity viewer for Laravel.

1.6 Bootstrap & Semantic-UI

There are already ready to use some layout templates. Each component is always accompanied by a live view. Using as form builder, for Laravel.

1.6.1 Accommodate Component

  • Opening Form
  • Input Text
  • Password
  • Email
  • Textarea
  • Select Box (Dropdown)
  • Select Date & Date Time
  • Select Range
  • Select Month
  • Radio
  • Radio Group
  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox Group
  • File
  • Input Wrapper
  • Image
  • Datepicker
  • Redactor
  • Hidden
  • Button
  • Submit
  • Model Binding


For every form element, you can call and chaining following methods:

  • id($string)
  • addClass($string)
  • removeClass($string)
  • attribute($name, $value)
  • data($name, $value)
  • hint($text) (Since 1.10.0)
  • hint($text, $class = “hint”) (Since 1.10.2)

1.6.2 laravolt/suitable

Semantic-UI table builder for Laravel.


1.7 CRUD Builder

Create read, update, delete, searching,sorting and export features automatically based on table structure.

1.7.1 laravolt/thunderclap

Laravel CRUD generator (Database based) that utilizing the following libraries:

  • I5-repository to interact with database.
  • Semantic-UI to built beautiful interface.

1.8 Comma

1.8.1 Page Management

Content management for Laravel. This module provides content management to easily write general contents such as information pages, news, articles etc.


1.8.2 Powerful Editor

Edit content with joy with features like: rich text editor, multi language, image manager, category, tagging and flexible custom fields.


1.8.3 Dynamic Menu Builder

Rather than having to contact the programmer every time the frontend menu has to be changed, admin can manage the menu on their own, dinamycally.


1.9 Translation manager

Thinking about the right translation when developing is very energy-consuming. Therefore Laravolt provides an interface to edit the translation after the website is completed.


2 Additional

2.1 Mural

Similar Facebook comment or disqus, it’s just that this is directly integrated with your Laravel app. Ready to use comment widget for your Laravel application. Support Semantic UI theme by default.



  • Basic comment stream
  • Multi room
  • Skin: semantic-ui
  • Skin: bootstrap
  • Comment validation
  • Translation
  • Permalink for specific comments
  • Real time update if there is a new comment
  • Event
  • Edit the comment
  • Delete comment
  • Report as spam
  • Vote (like dislike) comment
  • Sort comment by latest or liked

2.2 Votee

Widgets to do like or dislike for any content. Built for Laravel.

2.3 Star

Added an automatic 5 star rating feature for your content.

2.4 Senarai

Collect content in a particular list. Can be used for features ‘Wishlist’, ‘bookmark’, and others.



  • Add items to the list
  • Delete items in the list
  • Get a list of items in the list
  • Get a list that adds an item

2.5 Avatar

Every user who logs in already has a default avatar without having to upload anything. Media Manager

Display unique avatar for any user based on their (initials) name.

2.5.1 Preview

2.5.2 Feature

  • Output As Base64
  • Save As File
  • Output As SVG
  • Get underlying Intervention image object
  • Overriding config at runtime
    • We can overriding configuration at runtime by using some functions
  • Integration With Other PHP Project


2.6 Media Manager

Monitor and manage all files uploaded by a user from one page.

2.7 laravolt/ui

Admin template for laravolt based application

2.8 Email

2.8.1 laravolt/email

Simple email management for Eloquent user object

2.8.2 mailkeeper

Save mail to database for further use

2.8.3 outbox

Catch sent email into database and display it into your browser

2.9 laravolt/eloquent-uuid

Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for Laravel Eloquent.

Generate UUID automatically when creating/inserting new data.


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